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Release Date
2025 estimated
Production State
Writers Room
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Rodrigo Kirchner

The new science fiction series from Netflix director Rodrigo Kirchner. The series is set in the year 2209 in a small space camp on the planet Ceres. The gripping drama is told with a good dash of humour, but also with many exciting twists. Life in the camp is fun, but there’s always a lurking threat breathing down your neck. Something is very wrong with the camp, which has been kept up by the late parents.

Ceres, the forgotten Planet (WT)

Ceres, 2209

Hala and her Brother Aku wake up in their Ceres Base camp after their 1,5-month medical coma.

The whole camp is completely automatic.

Hala & Aku follow the routine they have learned from their late parents. They are waiting for the next Earth shuttle to arrive to make their first trip to the blue planet. They are excited.

Until then, they follow the daily routine. They study, maintain the camp, and they only live at night as in the daytime the sun is unbearable, and they only have enough power to cool down the sleep cell of the camp.

Even at night, they have to wear their suits outside because there is not enough oxygen on Ceres, and the reflected UV would still burn their skin.

They have a metabolism room with a tanning bed to sunbathe and a mini gym to do exercises.

They have a perfectly organized life and enjoy it. They are dreaming about the earth trip and which cities they would visit.

Until the Inter-planar communication terminal stops working, the only way to contact anyone outside the camp, and more importantly, the earth shuttle service.

Aku wants to investigate and repair it. Hala likes to wait, as that happened before, and it always restarted itself.

It does not restart and they start investigating.

The search for the manual and spare part also brings other documents to daylight that the late father and mother were hiding.

Is there really a scheduled shuttle coming, or are they on their own?

The check for the broken communication terminal also reveals many automized machines that their parents have only temporarily fixed. Aku who’s task was to study physics and electric engineering determinants that the camp would not survive the time until the shuttle arrives.

They have to find a way to make contact with the earth shuttle service to get rescued.