Drama, Comedy

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The wedding I loved to hate

The two nerds, Jeff and Amy, were two highly under-appreciated and bullied students in their school and Uni. Now in their 30s, they not only became sportive and good-looking; they also became extremely wealthy through a phone app they sold. Their success story had taken them on a remarkable journey, transforming their lives in unimaginable ways.

With their newfound confidence and financial stability, Jeff and Amy decided to take a bold step. They wanted to confront their past and show their former bullies just how much they had changed. Determined to turn the tables on their old tormentors, they came up with an audacious plan for their wedding.

They and their new real friends, who had stood by their side through thick and thin, embraced the idea wholeheartedly. Together, they crafted a meticulously planned event where everything would go hilariously wrong – especially for their “lovely” guests.