That is all Travel,Fun and Games for you

Release Date
2024 estimated
Production State
Post Production
Danny Schramm, Vivien Schramm, Rodney Tylor Schramm, Rodrigo Kirchner
Rodrigo Kirchner
Janelle Legaspi, Rodrigo Kirchner
Vivien Schramm, Danny Schramm
New Zealand Service Production
Jess Denise
Reality show meets game show meets comedy.

You need 45 minutes of pure fun?
This is your show!

Vivien, Danny and Rodney travel around the world with a lamb that plays games with them for no reason. This Show makes no sense at all. Yes, we know – absolute fantastic.

Starting with an announcement – unconditionally – straight in the face, no prisoners made, bet everything on the start.

The show follows the concept of senselessness paired with a Lamb, it is done – Just take it.
It’s a Family travel show, and not. ‘Cause it’s also a Game Show.

Everything is possible, interesting people met, things experienced, challenges mastered, own way, purposefully lost, with concept mastered, at least thought so.

There will be traveled and also not, always experienced, always there, always yes, always forward.

Who does – wins, who does more – wins more!

It will be improvised, tasks are installed at short notice, without warning, no net, no double-floor, here it becomes real, here it becomes true.

Hold tight watching – show with fast pace and curves.
Everything possible, everything forward, look forward and enjoy.

Shramma Lamma Ding Dong is coming – you fasten your seat belt – better that is!


Season one was shot in New Zealand. A lot of Sheep, green Mountains and freedom – a great place!