Drama, Crime

Release Date
Hozan Akko
TV Station / Platform
Showrunner Season One
Hozan Akko / Rodrigo Kirchner

TV Series, Season One

Created by Hozan Akko.

A War sparks with a piece of information. The programmer genius Karam El Sayed eventful youth has left him in disbelief of people and their view of the truth. To ensure the accuracy of facts, he creates with his partner Naseer an AI internet portal called the platform, which becomes an international success at truth-finding based in Abu Dhabi. But when Karam finally succeeds and feels free. He gets drawn back into his old world to find his family in an even worse condition. Karam is drawn into a quest for his brother Adam who got involved with a criminal extremist group to find himself in an open encounter. Naseer and Karam realize that the only way to get Adam back is to expose the organization leaders’ files and destroy them, whatever the cost.

THE PLATFORM – The Official Trailer Season One

Season one directed by Rodrigo Kirchner