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Looking for a rental to rent a Sony FX6 Kit in Dubai?
Looking for a rental to rent a Sound devices kit with wireless mics and boom?
We got them for you for the best price!!

For international Crews, we have a standard EB Setup with time code sync and all the bells and whistles. Recommend by multiple crews, always updated and optimised by the wishes of the operators.

We have special prices for professional Camera & Sound operators!!
Contact us under production@rkp-ae

    rented out to professional crews only!!!
    Sony FX 6 Camera with shoulder Sony V fast mount, 
    Lenses: Sigma 14-24 / G-Master 24-70 / G-Master 70-200
    6x Mini V 98 Batteries
    4x 160GB CF Express A
    Tentacle Timecode
    4 bay quick Charger
    CF Express A Card Reader
    Shape Fast Revolver Handle
    Sound devices T10 II full kit
    Bag incl. elect. power distribution
    5x Wireless Audio Cast mics
    1x NT5 Rode Boom
    Tentacle TC Sync
    1x Audio Monitor wirless with 2 receivers (1x mounted on Cam 1x for Director)
    Batteries & Battery multi charger

    Professional Crew price: starting 1850 AED per day.

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